What driving lights should I use for 4x4 and off road?

Thu, Jan 07, 2021

Off road driving and being able to explore the bush in your 4x4 is one of the incredible benefits of living in such a large and geographically diverse nation as Australia. The most important equipment that you need to explore this great country and experience everything that it has to offer are quality driving lights.

The pleasures that come from turning off the bitumen and hitting the dirt road less travelled are truly second-to-none. However, poor visibility can easily turn a great adventure into a disaster. 

  1. Why you need ultra-rugged driving lights
  2. How driving lights meet the demands of 4x4
  3. Lightforce recommends Venom and Genesis for 4x4

Your driving light needs for 4x4 trips and off road differ from those who frequent the long highways or suburban streets. The team at Lightforce is here to recommend the right set of driving lights for your 4x4 exploits.

Why you need ultra-rugged driving lights

If there’s one quality that’s vital for any off road gear, it’s reliability. You can always count on the Aussie weather or a good bush track to turn up some tough situations. From violent downpours to incredible dust storms, your driving lights need to be able to thrive in some pretty intense conditions. 

Even in fine weather, 4x4 trails themselves are often jarring, muddy and feature plenty of water that invites you to drive straight through. After all, that’s why we love them! However, if you invest in poor driving lights, you may find yourself with zero visibility right when you need it most.

Look for driving lights that are IP69K certified to withstand the elements, as well as waterproofing membranes to prevent water and dust from getting inside the light. A strong and UV powder coated aluminium housing is also important, as are polycarbonate lenses and filters – which protect against stones and debris.


How driving lights meet the demands of 4x4

It takes a good deal of skill to navigate and drive Australia’s 4WD tracks and off road areas. It’s important to recognise that these trails can still be dangerous. Even the most knowledgeable and experienced 4x4 enthusiasts can find themselves in trouble. One wrong turn or hasty acceleration into somewhere tricky can quickly get you stuck, or worse, rolled. Add poor visibility and your chances of running into a problem skyrocket.

To prevent this from happening, look for driving lights that produce high-contrast light and wide beams. This ensures your driving lights won’t prevent you from differentiating colour and allows you to see the distinction between objects ahead. The ability to see more of your surroundings is also crucial for spotting the variety of hazards on tracks.

Choose lights that emit with a neutral white light between 3,000°K and 5,000°K colour temperature. This will allow you to see colours accurately and minimise glare. LED lights should also be a go-to, as their diodes are typically positioned to throw light into your peripherals – something not possible with standard HID or halogen spotlights.

Lightforce recommends Venom and Genesis for 4x4

Made right here in Australia for Australian conditions, the Venom and Genesis series of LED driving lights are ideal for 4x4 and off road. Incredibly tough, as well as dust, water and impact resistant, Lightforce LED driving lights are with you for your wildest adventures.

If you also frequent the highway, we recommend the HTX2 hybrid driving light, which includes a powerful HID for long distance illumination. Fully waterproof (IP68), HTX2 has the balance, rigidity and strength that befits our top-of-the-line driving light.

We also suggest fitting combination filters to your driving lights, to create a spread beam that can illuminate up to 1 LUX at 120m wide on the Lightforce Genesis, for maximum visibility.