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Truck driving through night with Amber driving lights

Be the master on your adventure, with Amber Light Bars, Utility Lights, and Filters – from Lightforce.

From around 2,700 to 4,000 degrees Kelvin, amber lights push high-contrast light to give you better visibility in poor conditions.

Increased Clarity
In Harsh Conditions
Reduced Attraction
of Insects for Camping
Better Visual Acuity,
For Safety
Improve Cut-through in
Dust, Fog, Rain, Snow

Off Roading

Cut a Path Through
Inclement Weather

Airborne particles in dust, rain, snow and fog are the enemy of visibility. Where white light hits these particles and bounces back to impair your vision, amber’s longer wavelength penetrates through to shut down the glare and elements of dust.

Use amber lights for far better visibility in harsh weather conditions.


Fewer Insects, Greater Comfort

Don’t get bombarded by a shower of insects just because you’ve stopped moving and set up camp. 

White lights are notorious bug attractors. Use amber lights and save yourself from becoming a target.  

Because disease-carrying bugs are more likely to be attracted to white LED light, amber also makes it safer to spend the night under the stars.


Improved Conditions

When it comes to driving in hazardous conditions, safety is paramount. That's why Heavy Vehicle and Mining Industries rely on amber lights to enhance visibility and prevent accidents. Our top-quality amber lights are highly effective in low-light conditions, making it easier for you to spot vehicles and equipment quickly and easily. Plus, their less fatiguing nature on the eyes makes them the perfect solution for around the campsite.

All Seasons

For Any Weather

From foggy days in the winter to a scorching outback dustbowl in the height of the Aussie summer, amber lights hold their own.

If the path is unclear, no matter the season, amber lights penetrate the haze so you can get wild in the wild.


As always, we encourage you to check your state or territory legislation to ensure compliance. Our Amber Filters, Lights and other Amber Accessories are strictly for offroad use only.

While white light will appear brighter to a driver’s eyes than amber, amber light has a longer wavelength. This means it can penetrate the environment more than white light, which means better visibility in bad driving conditions, including dust, rain, snow or fog.

Staring constantly at white light can frustrate the eye. Darker colours like blue and green have limited wavelengths. In contrast, amber lights hit your retina in a way that enables you to focus on what's ahead and this makes them the best fog light colour.

Yellow and amber lights tend to offer better visibility in bad weather. Their light frequencies are able to penetrate water instead of reflecting off of it. This gives you better visibility in rain and fog. You can also more accurately gauge puddles so your off-road adventures stay on track.