Designed and built for the good times AND the more challenging ones. With tube and flat mounting bases available, plus a 90° beam angle, shed light on every obstacle that comes your way.



Beach, outback, mountain…wherever the fun is, the 10” Amber Lens Single Row Light Bar cuts through without the glare. Our amber lights provide clarity through haze and dust as well as keeping bugs away once the sun goes down.



With the cut-through of amber’s high contrast light, the ROK9 Amber Utility Light is the perfect addition to any avid camper's loadout. Engineered to withstand harsh Australian conditions, the hard-coated polycarbonate lens and up to 30,000 hours of nighttime vision means the ROK9 Amber Utility light goes where others simply cannot.

Crafted to take on Australia's toughest environments, the ROK9 Amber Utility Light packs high contrast light and a hard-coated polycarbonate lens for superior visibility. With up to 30,000 hours of nighttime vision, the ROK9 Amber Utility Light is a must-have for any camper. The 10" VIPER AMBER LIGHT BAR uses an amber lens to offer superior clarity in dusty and hazy conditions, while its single-row design fends off pesky bugs during evening hours.


Distance: 1 lux at 231m
Effective Lumens 863lm
Raw Lumens 4510lm
Current Draw 2.8Amp
Voltage Range 12v/24v Compatible
Wattage 10x5W
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Weight 798g
Warranty 3 years
Globe Type Amber LED
Light Tech LED
Number of LEDs 3
Distance: 1 lux at 11m
Distance: 0.25 lux at 22m
Effective Lumens 269
Raw Lumens 332
Colour Temperature 2700K
Current Draw 0.37Amps @ 13.2V
Voltage Range 10V - 30V
Wattage 9W
Ingress Protection Rating IP67
Dimensions 77mm (W) x 22mm including base x 11mm without (H) x 44mm (D) - 3″(W) x 0.9″ / 0.4″ (H) x 1.7″ (D)
Weight 80 grams
Warranty 3 years