Striker 50W HID 170mm Driving Lights (Pair)



Brand Lightforce


The 170 Striker with HID projects a beam using it's parabolic reflector that sends competitors' larger lights running for cover.


  • 2 x Striker HID Driving Lights
  • 2 x Clear Spot Filters
  • 2 x Mounting brackets and hardware
  • 1 x User instructions
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The 170mm Striker already has many fans, but wait until you see it perform in its HID pedigree. Despite its compact size, the combination of parabolic reflector and HID intensity projects a beam that sends competitors' larger lights running for cover. Its versatility makes it the consummate all-rounder, as well as the crisp white 5000k light beam.

When long distance high contrast matters, these 50W HID Driving Lights are a class leader. With 1 LUX @ 1753m (pair) you can spot fauna, livestock and signs well before it becomes it a problem.

These lights push the boundaries of intensity and visibility, delivering a brilliant white light output that will leave you in awe. Say goodbye to ordinary lighting and witness the extraordinary, as Lightforce brings you the ultimate lighting performance.


  • Characteristic blue billet aluminium hard anodised bulb holder
  • Long leads allow you to mount the ballast under the hood
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Long life 3,000 hour bulb
  • Reverse polarity circuit protection.


Product Specification
Globe Type HID
Light Tech HID
Distance: 1 lux at 1753m (pair)
Effective Lumens 6566lm (pair)
Raw Lumens 14322lm (pair)
Colour Temperature 5000K
Current Draw 4.1Amps
Voltage Range 12V
Wattage 50W
Ingress Protection Rating IP67
Beam Type Spot
Diameter 170mm
Power Options Vehicle
Ballast Type Externally Mounted
Candela 3073200cd (pair)
Weight 0.57kg (each)
Warranty 3 Years
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