Striker Halogen Handheld Kit

Striker Halogen Handheld Kit

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Brand Lightforce


Now featuring an inline Plug & Play AMP connector which provides fast interchangeability between CIG & ALI power lead options and Lightforce roof and window mounts.


  • 1x 170mm Striker Halogen Handheld
  • 1x 170mm red filter
  • 1x 170mm green filter
  • 1x 170mm amber filter
  • 1x 4.3m Coil cord with cig plug
  • 1x 4.5m Power lead with alligator clips and inline fuse
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Bonus value Kit including both Cig and Alli power options plus a red and green filter.

The Striker Halogen delivers high performance and impressive light intensity in a smaller light with a 170mm reflector. For distance, power and value for money, the Striker Halogen is a great choice.


  • Plug & Play AMP connector for interchangeable power and mounting options.
  • Ideal long distance performance light
  • 12V 100 watt Xenophot® 50hour bulb (24V halogen version available)
  • Lightweight polycarbonate, glass filled nylon composite construction



Replacement Globe - 100W GL06

Product Specification
Globe Type Halogen
Distance: 1 lux at 619m
Colour Temperature 3300K
Wattage 100W
Diameter 170mm
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