Striker 170mm Handheld Filter - Infrared Spot

Striker 170mm Handheld Filter - Infrared Spot



Brand Lightforce


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Please note that the IR filter is not compatible with bulbs exceeding 50 watts. Ensure that the bulb wattage is within the specified limit before using the IR filter on your Handheld Light.

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Clip on covers for sporting light applications, supplied without logo. Various colours and configurations allow you to tailor the light for your application.

  • AMBER – Ideal for minimising glare in dusty or foggy conditions
  • GREEN – Specifically for spotting animals with sensitive eyes. Decreased visible light signature
  • RED – Most popular for night spotting of animals. Decreased visible light signature
  • INFRA RED – Security, surveillance and covert police and military operations (Note this filter can only be used with a GL04)
  • DISPERSION – Ideal to illuminate a work activity area
Product Specification
Diameter 170mm
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