Headlight Patch Harness Suits Toyota Hilux 2021 - 2023

Headlight Patch Harness Suits Toyota Hilux 2021 - 2023



Brand Lightforce


Please Note: Compatible only with the following Lightforce wiring harnesses:
#LFDLHTS/LFDLHTS2 - Genesis / Venom #LFDLHDS - HTX MK1/MK2 #STRIKERLEDHARN - Striker LED #LFDLHSS - Universal Driving Light Wiring Harness
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These connectors are suitable for use with the Toyota Hilux 2021 onwards models, fitted with factory Bi-LED headlights. When used with a range of dedicated Lightforce Driving Light harnesses, they provide an easy plug and play integration into the existing factory headlight connectors, that are located behind the back of each side of the vehicle’s headlight assemblies.

The headlight patch harness utilizes the factory connection point on the lower back of the headlight assembly, you no longer need to splice a wire into the factory harness for auxiliary driving lights, simply:

    • Remove the existing factory eight pin connector from the headlight (left or right side). Under the front wheel arch trim, there is a locking tab that must be depressed while removing the connector
    • Fit the corresponding new connector to the factory connector that has just been removed
    • Fit the remaining new connector to the original factory connector that is affixed to the headlight assembly
    • Then connect the corresponding connectors from anyone of our listed compatible wiring harnesses. See below for more details.


Red and green wires are from the vehicles high beam circuit and are used to trigger the auxiliary relay for driving lights.

Both red & green wires must be connected.

Blue wire is from the vehicles low beam headlight, for uses with positioning, DLR lights or to illuminate the switch when connected to the yellow wire of the Lightforce harness (fitment optional). 

Compatible only with the following Lightforce wiring harnesses:

# LFDLHTS/LFDLHTS2 - Genesis / Venom


# LFDLHSS - 12V Single Switching harness

# LFDLHDSS – Universal (2 pin)

  • Wire gauge 18AWG / Wire length to bullet connectors 160mm


# LFDLHBEAST-U BEAST LED Driving Lights Wiring Kit – Universal Fitment

Important Note: Relays must be used.

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Toyota Hilux 2021 2023
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