Halogen In-line Dimmer with AMP Plugs

Halogen In-line Dimmer with AMP Plugs



Brand Lightforce


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  • 1x Halogen Dimmer
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The Halogen Dimmer is now compatible with the Plug & Play halogen hunting system. Simply connect the dimmer in-line between the power cable and any halogen handheld light or remote and then adjust your brightness as necessary to respond to your target animal’s tolerance. It has been designed for quiet and ergonomic operation and can be mounted in any location using the fixed mounting screw template and provisions for a belt or strap.

Why use a dimmer? Animals are light shy and become quickly agitated or spooked while a powerful spotlight hurts their sensitive night vision. A dimmer allows the successful hunter to slowly introduce the animal to the light by increasing the intensity over time in order to get a closer and more ethical shot.


  • Pulse width modulation for increased efficiency
  • Strain relief on the cable connections, taking pressure off the cable joins to the dimmer unit
  • Recessed button for reduced risk of unwanted on/off switching
  • Screw mounting points for permanent mounting to most surfaces
  • Ergonomically designed dimming adjustment ranging from 0-100%.
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