Dual USB to suit Ford Ranger Switch Fascia



Brand Lightforce


This 2.4 and 3.0 amp USB charger is designed to fit into the Lightforce replacement switch panel.

Suitable for charging high powered devices like tablets, mobile phones and gaming consoles or powering navigation units and in car DVR’s.

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LED Illuminated, Panel Mounted Dual USB Socket


  • Independent 2.4 amp and 3.0 amp outputs that are fully regulated and surge protected.
  • Independent illumination that is fully dimmable via existing dash light circuit, separate from the main input power, so illumination is not always on; a unique feature of our product.
  • All cables are over 1.5 metres long, USB power input (red wire) is fitted with a micro2 fuse tap for direct fitment to the fuse box. Negative cable (black wire) is pre-terminated with a ring terminal and independent LED illumination (blue wire) for connection to existing dash light circuit.



  • Independent 2.4 amp and 3.0 amp outlets
  • 5.1 Volts regulated output
  • 1.5 Metre long cables
  • 5 Amp micro2 fuse tap for dual USB outlets (fitted)
  • Independent blue LED illumination
  • Matt black face



Please note - this USB charger only fits the Lightforce Ford Ranger Fascia (CBFASCIA) in the upper middle switch location.

  • Red wire – USB positive wire can be connected in the following ways. To an ignition source so the unit is only powered once the vehicle is on; or to an always on source so the unit is active continuously.
  • Blue wire – Positive wire connects to the existing dash light circuit so LED illumination is only active once headlights are on.
  • Black wire – Fit to vehicles negative (earth) simply, connect ring terminal to an existing M6 bolt that is grounded.


NOTE: All vehicle accessories should be wired through a fuse if the included harness is modified during installation ensure a fuse is used as close to the input source as possible, not exceeding 5 amps.

Vehicle Compatibility

Make Model Compatible From Compatible To
Ford Ranger PX2 (fitted with LF fascia) 2015 2018
Ford Ranger PX3 (fitted with LF fascia) 2019 2021
Ford Everest (fitted with LF fascia) 2015 2021
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