DC4 Switch to suit Isuzu and Mazda 3rd Generation Models by Lightforce

Lightforce DC4 Switch to suit Isuzu/Mazda 3rd Gen



Brand Lightforce


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Ideally suited for those who wish to integrate an additional switch into the factory switch locations.

This single switch fits the 22mm x 22mm factory switch locations, near the vehicle’s transmission selector.

Fitment location: In front, either side of the gear selector.

Lightforce DC4 Switch fitted in Mazda BT-50


This Lightforce single switch is moulded from a blend of ABS plastic and polycarbonate to ensure longevity. Its compact design will integrate with the vehicle seamlessly.

Specifications Include:

  • Dual LED illumination (white/blue)
  • Suitable for positive switched vehicles only
  • RoHS compliant
  • Harness included (100mm in length)
  • 3 amps current rating @ 12v
  • Switch dimensions: 22mm (H) x 22mm (W)
  • Mounting dimensions: 17.5mm (H) x 19mm (W)
  • When switch is in the off position (up) the height of the switch top is the same as the existing factory switches
  • When the switch is in the on position (down) the difference in height is less than 2.00mm


    Electrical Specifications:

    • Blue – 12v input
    • Yellow – 12v switched output
    • Not used
    • Red – 12v dash light illumination
    • Black - negative
    • Positive switching only
    • Independent 12v circuit for dash illumination
    • Separate active LED is powered via the +ve switched output
    • Negative is common for dash illumination LED and switch active LED
    • LED illumination Colours – Dash lights on = white, active indicator colour = blue



    The LED illuminates white via the dash light circuit, once the switch is pushed on, the LED illuminates blue.


    Lightforce Harness Integration:

    Use Lightforce part number SWADP4 for integration to Lightforce Driving Light harness LFDLHSS.


    NOTE: Suits low-mid spec vehicles only as top spec vehicles do not have any suitable switch blanks available due to heated seats

    Vehicle Compatibility

    Make Model Compatible From Compatible To
    Isuzu D-max 2020 2022
    Isuzu Mux 2021 2022
    Mazda BT50 2020 2022
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