Custom Universal Rocker Switch

Custom Universal Rocker Switch


Brand Lightforce MTO


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These LED colour combinations available White/White, Amber/Amber, Blue/Blue, Green/Green and Red/Red.

LED 1: This LED illuminates the custom icon only when the switch is in the ON position.
LED 2: This LED illuminates the custom text and is active continuously when the dash light circuit is active

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This item is no longer available. This page is provided for information purposes only.

You must edit the switch before you are able to purchase it. Icons and text must be chosen.

We will not engrave profanity. Please double check spelling as mistakes are not eligible for a refund.

To create a switch with no text please enter ‘NO TEXT’ in the text box and we will not engrave any text on the switch. Please note: A switch without a logo and /or text will not have visible illumination.


Universal carling style rocker switches suitable for a wide range of automotive and marine applications.

Multiple dual LED illumination colours available, bottom is activated via an independent circuit, once the switch is pushed on the second LED is only then also activated.

Uses a standard din size mounting hole of 36.8mm x 21mm with a waterproof rating of IP66 with a working current load of 20A @ 12V however it is recommended that you wire the accessory through a fused relay.

Full customisable graphics and text are laser engraved into the switch surface to ensure longevity, unlike inferior switches that use printing or stickers prone to wear.

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