Custom DC4 Switch to suit Mazda and Isuzu

Custom DC4 Switch to suit Mazda/Isuzu 3rd Gen ON/OFF Latching



Brand Lightforce MTO


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Ideally suited for those who wish to integrate an additional switch into the factory switch locations.

This single switch fits the 22mm x 22mm factory switch locations, near the vehicle’s transmission selector.

Fitment location: In front, either side of the gear selector.

Lightforce DC4 Switch fitted in Mazda BT-50


This Lightforce single switch is moulded from a blend of ABS plastic and polycarbonate to ensure longevity. Its compact design will integrate with the vehicle seamlessly.

Specifications Include:

  • Dual LED illumination (white/blue)
  • Suitable for positive switched vehicles only
  • RoHS compliant
  • Harness included (100mm in length)
  • 3 amps current rating @ 12v
  • Switch dimensions: 22mm (H) x 22mm (W)
  • Mounting dimensions: 17.5mm (H) x 19mm (W)
  • When switch is in the off position (up) the height of the switch top is the same as the existing factory switches
  • When the switch is in the on position (down) the difference in height is less than 2.00mm


    Electrical Specifications:

    • Blue – 12v input
    • Yellow – 12v switched output
    • Not used
    • Red – 12v dash light illumination
    • Black - negative
    • Positive switching only
    • Independent 12v circuit for dash illumination
    • Separate active LED is powered via the +ve switched output
    • Negative is common for dash illumination LED and switch active LED
    • LED illumination Colours – Dash lights on = white, active indicator colour = blue



    The LED illuminates white via the dash light circuit, once the switch is pushed on, the LED illuminates blue.


    Lightforce Harness Integration:

    Use Lightforce part number SWADP4 for integration to Lightforce Driving Light harness LFDLHSS.


    NOTE: Suits low-mid spec vehicles only as top spec vehicles do not have any suitable switch blanks available due to heated seats

    Vehicle Compatibility

    Make Model Compatible From Compatible To Fitment Location
    Isuzu D-max 2021 2021 Either side of the transmission.
    Mazda BT50 2021 2021 Either side of the transmission.
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