Custom Dual Switch to suit Nissan

Custom Dual Switch to suit Nissan


Brand Lightforce MTO


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This LED colour combination is Amber/Green and features a single input feeding two independently switched outputs

LED 1: This Green LED illuminates the custom icon only when the switch is in the ON position.
LED 2: This Amber LED illuminates the custom text and is active continuously when the dash light circuit is active.

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You must edit the switch before you are able to purchase it. Icons and text must be chosen.

We will not engrave profanity. Please double check spelling as mistakes are not eligible for a refund.

To create a switch with no text please enter ‘NO TEXT’ in the text box and we will not engrave any text on the switch. Please note: A switch without a logo and /or text will not have visible illumination.


When you have limited space or wish to maximise your existing factory switch locations, this dual switch doubles the number of switches you can install, without the need to damage your vehicle's dash by cutting additional holes.

This dual switch has a single powered input that feeds two independently switched outputs and is suitable for some Nissan vehicles.

With the two switch outputs, you can have the functionality of two modes of operation, all in the one switch shroud.


This factory-style switch allows for your choice of icons for universal applications.

Features include:

  • Single input feeding two independently switched outputs
  • Dual coloured illumination
  • Suitable for positive/negatively switched vehicles
  • Harness included (300mm in length)
  • Switch cut out size: 21mm x 37mm

The dual-coloured illumination is only activated when the vehicles dash lights are on. Amber illumination when the switch is in the off position, and green illumination when the switch is on.

The switches can function independently of the dash lights; however, they will not illuminate until the vehicles dash lights are activated.

A single input powers both the top and bottom switches, so if you have a series of dual switches, they will need to be grouped into lighting (active with Hi beam), or active with a constant power or ACC on power.

Wiring instructions: X 1 12v 3-amp input (use with relay).


  1. 12v switched out (top switch)
  2. 12v in (powers both switches)
  3. Negative
  4. 12v in from vehicles dash light circuit
  5. 12v switched out (bottom switch)

Vehicle Compatibility

Make Model Compatible From Compatible To
Nissan Navara D40 2005 2014
Nissan Navara NP300 (on handbrake console) 2016 Current
Nissan Pathfinder R51 2005 2012
Nissan Patrol GU Series 4-8 2004 2018
Nissan Patrol Y62 2013 2023
Nissan X-Trail T31 2007 2014
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