Custom Dual Switch to suit Mitsubishi

Custom Dual Switch to suit Mitsubishi


Brand Lightforce MTO


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Dual switch with a single powered input feeding two independently switched outputs Red is active when the dash light circuit is active and the switch is in the OFF position. Green is active when the switch is in the ON position.
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Dual switch with a single powered input feeding two independently switched outputs suitable for late model Mitsubishi vehicles.

The switches can function independent to the dash lights, however will not illuminate until the vehicles dash lights are activated. A single input activates both the top and bottom switches, so if you have a series of dual switches they will need to be grouped into lighting (active with Hi beam) or active with a constant power or ACC on power.

Suitable for use with both positive and negative switched vehicles.

This non-genuine factory style switch has a maximum current rating of 3 amps @ 12 volts and is to be used in conjunction with a relay if current exceeds 3 amps.

Full customisable laser engraved icons and text to ensure longevity

Supplied with harness and connector

Australian design patent

Vehicle Compatibility

Make Model Compatible From Compatible To
Mitsubishi Outlander Zj or ZK 2012 2021
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE 2017 2022
Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015 2018
Mitsubishi Triton MR 2019 2022
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