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All orders less than 5kgs in weight AND volume are shipped via Australia Post! The standard delivery times stated are what you can expect but please allow additional time for remote areas.
We are able to offer express shipping as a delivery option for domestic Australian Orders that do not contain 'made to order' or 'custom' products.

Due to current COVID delays please note the current estimated delivery times. Please allow extra time for delivery.

Australia Post Standard Shipping : 7-14 business days.

Express Shipping : 3-6 business days.

Australia Post Standard eParcel: 9 - 25 business days.
Please allow extra time for any customs and border clearances to occur on top of the estimated delivery times.

All estimated delivery times are estimates only and may be subject to further delays.

For delivery updates, please see the below:



If you order items that require customising along with our standard items, we may ship items in separate packages to ensure a speedy delivery.
Each package is packed independently to speed up the picking and packing process. This means the moment that part of your order is ready, we will ship it off and send it out to you. You may get multiple boxes in your order, and on the odd occasion these might arrive on different days depending on when they are dispatched.

Australian Domestic:
We charge shipping at a flat rate of $11.99. Order over $140 in the same order and you’ll qualify for free shipping!

We charge shipping based on item weight. Your postage will be calculated during the checkout process after you enter your delivery address.

Couriers are on the road for most of the day and have huge amounts to deliver which puts them on a tight schedule. Although they may try, it is very unlikely they’ll be able to call you to arrange your delivery or double back to your house.

Therefore, it’s best to be certain about your delivery address and consider if no one is there to receive it or choose an alternative delivery option.

If you enter your mobile number after you checkout you can receive SMS notifications about your delivery.

If you’re getting your order delivered to your business address, don’t forget to add in the business name and instructions for the driver to get a signature or telling them where to take the order (e.g. Reception on Level 1; the mailroom on the Ground Floor). This way, if you can’t find your order, we’ll know who has signed for it and where to look first.

All you need to do is register for a Parcel Locker with Australia Post. They will give you a unique Parcel Locker address, which you can copy and paste into your delivery address in the checkout.
Once your order has been delivered, you’ll receive an SMS and an email letting you know it’s ready for collection. The SMS and email will contain a unique access code which you’ll need to open your Parcel Locker.
When you get to your Parcel Locker, you can open it by:

 1. Scanning your unique access code on your Australia Post app, Apple Watch or Android Wear. 
2. Select “Enter your details” on the locker screen, then scan your MyPost card, enter your mobile number or enter the last 5 digits of your MyPost number, and then enter the one-off access code you received with your email and SMS.

It’s important to remember:

The name on your order must match your ID and the name on your MyPost account. For security reasons, our drivers will not leave an order addressed to one person in a Parcel Locker listed under the name of another person. So please make sure that the name on your order is the name of the person registered for that Parcel Locker. If your order is sent to a Post Office, they will complete an identity check by matching the name on your order to your ID, so please make sure you list your full name on your switch order in the checkout.

You have 48 hours to collect your order. You’ll receive an SMS after 24 hours as a reminder and if you still haven’t collected it after 48 hours, it will be sent to the local post office. You’ll be sent an email and SMS letting you know where you can collect it from.

If your order is too large, your switch/es will be sent to the Post Office. Once your switch has been sent to the Post Office, we’re unable to arrange to have it delivered to another address, including a Parcel Locker.

We can deliver to almost any residential address, business address, post office, PO BOX or parcel locker around Australia.
There may be some areas where we will not be able to deliver directly to your door and will instead be left at a local post office. Just remember you will need government approved ID such as a drivers license of proof of age card to collect.
Internationally - We ship worldwide from Australia. PLease note that delivery times may vary, and tracking is not always available or cinsistent. We make all efforts to ensure your item is trackable, but sometimes this is out of our control.

We DO NOT cover any import duties and taxes associated with your order.

It is your responsibility to cover any inport duties and taxes associated with the delivery of your order. If you do not pay any outstanding costs, your order may not be delivered.

If your item is returned to us, we will issue a refund for your items less any postage costs associated.

Custom switches

You can add text up to a maximum of 20 characters and the text is in CAPITALS only.

Please note: We will not reproduce text that contains obscenities or other language that we deem offensive.

All of our standard products are ready to ship within three working days.

Custom switches can take three to five working days to leave our warehouse.

Any custom changes, such as the engraving of special icons or logos can take up to ten working days to be manufactured as they are all produced on a made-to-order basis.

We make every effort to ship as soon as possible and notify you as soon as your items are dispatched.

Of course. Please contact our Customer Service team at sales@lightforce.com to discuss your requirements. Please note that terms and conditions apply:

$65 setup fee per switch type, minimum quantity 10 units.
The image must be supplied as an .EPS file or .JPEG or .PNG format no smaller than 400 pixels by 400 pixels. Only in white on black.
The image must be appropriate. Lightforce will not reproduce anything that is obscene or that contravenes the racial vilification laws of Australia: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/publications/racial-vilification-law-australia
You must be the owner of the image. Lightforce will not reproduce trademarked logos owned by others without their permission.
Lead time for delivery is 10 business days from when the image file is received and approved.

Normally you would choose a logo from the list of those available, and complete the text field.

To create a switch with no text please enter ‘NO TEXT’ in the text box and we will not engrave any text on the switch.

Please note: A switch without a logo and /or text will not have visible illumination, and we will not reproduce text that contains obscenities or other language that we deem offensive.

We like to build all our switches to suit your needs. If there is anything you need that is not listed on our shop, please contact Lightforce Customer Service on 1800 03 03 08.

Product information

To measure true performance Lightforce use the industry standard measurement of 1 LUX

1 LUX is the minimum amount of illumination that is usable, (enough light to read a newspaper, not reflectors down the road!)

NOTE: A number of reputable companies are now using 0.25 LUX this gives the customer the perception that the light travels a greater distance, yet another ploy to trick the consumer.

Raw Lumens is an ineffective and misleading way of measuring light as it is calculated in a laboratory environment to determine a single LED’s peak output for a very short duration. In real terms, its performance cannot be replicated in the field due to a number of factors largely the ability to manage the extreme heat that is generated by a large number of LED’s in addition to the current draw and optical loss which can decrease light output by as much as 75%.

In addition, Raw Lumens can be calculated in a number of ways:

the absolute peak performance of a LED chip irrespective of longevity and heat operating at 100%its manufacturers “recommended” peak power that allows for longevity and thermal management, this in general means, operating the chip at 70-80% its capacity, Lightforce quotes this figure – NOT the absolute peak performance!

Driving an LED over its recommended power rating will greatly reduce the life span of the light and cause additional heat issues.

That’s why some competitors in the LED field will only quote Raw Lumens and shy away from quoting effective Lumens; Lightforce quote both!

The short answer: To give the perception that their products have a greater output, basically to deceive the consumer into thinking a larger number means greater light output. Calculating effective Lumens requires expensive and complex photometry equipment however is the ONLY way to provide true light output in Lumens and most importantly LUX.

Raw Lumens is the measurement of the light source (single LED only) then times the number of LEDs.Effective Lumens is the measurement of the light output (combined LEDs and factors in associated losses)LUX is the measurement of the effective light that illuminates a surface at a given distance this is the most important of all.All Lightforce Photometric Data has been independently supplied, by a NATA accredited laboratory.

All LED chips are not made equal within any production run there will be a number of variants in performance and colour rendering, each batch undergoes a process called binning that grades the chips from highest to lowest output. Lightforce uses the highest grade chipsets only, we also use a warmer colour temperature of 5000K for better clarity.

Absolutely! The lightweight and durability factor makes them the logical choice! In extreme conditions we have no equal. Plus all the modular filter versatility to give you maximum visibility.

Contrary to advertising hype the trend towards even bluer almost purple color output beyond the 6000k+ range does not allow you to see further. In fact, the complete opposite is true! The ‘K’ (kelvin) rating is inversely proportional to the light output, therefore the lower the ‘K’ the brighter the light output. At Lightforce we choose proven performance over bling with no exceptions. Don’t be misled!

Yes, there can be variation between the colour of HID lights because the HID bulbs have manufacturing tolerances (permissable variations within a certain range). This is because HID bulbs are arc tubes containing gas and metal salts, not just a filament in a tube. In any pair of Lightforce HID lights you might get one that is at the cooler end of the range, and one at the warmer end. This may be apparent when both lights are shining on a wall, but when driving at night the variation would be un-noticeable.

Lightforce is more than just another ‘plastic’ light, we pioneered the use of high tech composites in lighting equipment. Consider how materials have evolved in the automotive and aviation industry sector. Lighter and stronger than steel or old fashioned convention and new levels of performance previously not thought possible. Lightforce set a new benchmark in strength and durability that became legendary. Vulnerable glass and or heavy metal is just illogical, especially in off-road motor sport! Ask any knowledgeable fabricator, if he/she can have an item of equal strength or even stronger for less weight, what would they choose? A resounding “yes please!”. Think of a Class 1, Trophy Truck or sand rail with typically 8-10 HID lights, the majority mounted on the roof. Why add unnecessary weight in such a handling dynamic sensitive area? This is where Lightforce is the answer, plus light output that is unsurpassed.


We advise you to check with your local authorities, particularly for on-road use. Black, opaque covers are available which may satisfy some jurisdictions for highway use.

In Australia, vehicles must comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR), which outline national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft, and emissions. The ADRs are performance-based and cover issues such as occupant protection, structures, lighting, noise, engine exhaust emissions, braking and a range of miscellaneous items. Vehicles must comply with the ADRs in effect at the time they were constructed. ADR 13/00 - Installation of Lighting and Light Signalling Australian Design Rule - prescribes requirements for the number and mode of installation of lighting and light signaling devices on motor vehicles (other than L-group vehicles). While Lightforce products are not ADR-compliant, they fall under the accessories category, not having been originally in-built into the vehicle, and can legally be sold in Australia

For further information, please see our page on ADR Compliance.

Our Amber Filters, Lights and other Amber Accessories are strictly for offroad use only.

As always, we encourage you to check your state or territory legislation to ensure compliance.