Switch Blank to suit Lightforce Switch Fascias



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Switch Blanks suitable for the CBFASCIA and the CBFASCIA2 (Top Locations Only!)

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These blanks have been designed to accommodate the REDARC® Tow-Pro™ remote brake controller within the switch fascia’s suitable for the Ford Ranger PX2 and Holden Colorado.

On the back of the blanks are two indents to aid in drilling the two required holes. When fitting the remote controller to the switch blank, first follow installation instructions included with the Tow-Pro™ remote brake controller. Fit switch blank with the holes drilled into the fascia and then fit the remote brake controller into the switch blank. External dimension 33mm (H) x 23mm (W) \nInternal dimension 24mm (H) x 19.5mm (W)

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