Ultimate Hunting Flexibility

With new halogen handheld lights

Our legendary halogen handheld spotlights are now more versatile than ever.

With the new AMP connector built into every next generation handheld Striker and Blitz, you can easily switch your spotlight from battery to a power source to a remote mount.

Adapt to any hunting situation at a moment’s notice.

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Flexible and Quick Connectivity

The key to the fully integrated Halogen Hunting System is our new included AMP adaptor, which allows you to instantly connect your spotlight to virtually any power source. You’ll never have to think about swapping plug types and attachments again.

Easy attachment

via cig, plug or alligator clips, through the AMP adaptor.

Weatherproof connection

and rugged construction for hunting in any situation.

Mount instantly

to your vehicle for scanning and maximum versatility.


Striker Halogen
Handheld Light


Cig plug
Alligator clips
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Blitz Halogen
Handheld Light


Cig plug
Alligator clips
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Ideal Light for Hunting

Our Halogen Hunting System uses warmer and softer lights than LEDs and HIDs, which are far less likely to startle animals. They also produce more visible eye shine, which is crucial while hunting.

Best with colour filters

as halogen light passes more freely through filters.

Optimal colour temperature and colour rendering

provide clearer contrast, details and shadows.

Finely tuned parabolic reflectors

enable effective long-distance hunting.

Dimmer available

The Halogen Hunting System is compatible with the Lightforce Halogen Dimmer. Adjust your brightness as necessary to respond to your target animal’s tolerance. It can be attached or removed inline with any halogen light or power cable. It has been designed for quiet and ergonomic operation and can be mounted in any location using the fixed mounting screw template, or the supplied Velcro strap.

Pair with Colour Filters

Most animals hunted in Australia have dichromatic vision, which means that they see only two colour shades. By using Lightforce’s simple clip-on colour filters, you can illuminate the target without them seeing you.


For Foxes and Cats, which see only blues and greens.


For Deer, which see on the violet end of the colour spectrum.


For Rabbits; this colour gives better visibility for small and fast animals.

Build Your Halogen Hunting System

Customise the plug & play kit to suit your hunting needs and quickly connect to power or mount at a moment’s notice.

1Select a Halogen Hunting Light

Choose either a 170mm Striker or 240mm Blitz hunting light, both with powerful halogen bulbs and constructed of impact-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate.

2Add a Vehicle Mount

Make tracking and driving while hunting easier. Our clever mounting options allow you to swap from handheld to remote mounted within seconds. Get the most value from your high performance hunting light.

3Or choose an Ultimate Hunting Kit

Get everything you need to take the cleanest shot while out hunting. An Ultimate Hunting Kit includes hunting light, mounting frame and colour filters – all simpler to use than ever, thanks to the universal AMP plug.

Take your spotlight anywhere

Add a portable power pack to bring the Halogen Hunting Light with you wherever you go. The lightweight, big capacity 11.4-amp hour lithium battery and bag weighs only 1.3 kg and features a cig. socket and power saving controller, providing hours of portable auxiliary power to any accessory.

Developed and tested locally

We’ve been passionate members of the hunting community for decades. Our focus has always been on investing in the best technology to enable you to take your cleanest and most ethical shot.

Made in Australia

To meet Australian standards and the needs of local hunters.

Improved over the last 30 years

To ensure a tried-and-tested design.