Hybrid driving lights

Our next generation in driving light technology is shining the way. The advanced HTX2 Hybrid Driving Lights bring a new meaning to the term high performance.


Hybrid technology

The combination of a powerful, long-distance HID and the equivalent of a 20-inch LED lightbar in one unit provides unparalleled power and light spread. With HTX2 you get all the performance of a pair of HID spotties and two 20-inch light bars all in the one pair of lights!

130W of raw power

Best-in-class Philips® Xenon HID bulb and 20 Lumileds® LEDs.

5,000k colour temperature

Perfectly matched HID and LEDs mean greater clarity and less eye strain.

Individual LED reflectors

Independently tuned to provide the most efficient and optimal beam pattern.


Extra tough

Designed using the latest high tech components, the HTX2 is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and extreme cross country off roading.

Australian manufactured

By Aussies for Aussie adventures. HTX2 can stand up to our harsh conditions.


Tested for 110,000 hours against dust, temperature, and water.


Plus UV-stabilisation and pre-treatment to defend against corrosion.



Danger lurks in the dark. When we can’t see clearly what’s right in front of us, we’re putting our safety at risk. Compared to typical driving lights, HTX2 illuminates not just the narrow path ahead, but also much more of your peripherals.

1 Lux at over 1.65km with spot filters installed

1 Lux at over 1.1km with combo filters installed


For efficiency

HTX2’s advanced design disperses heat more effectively. It’s superior thermal capacity and thermal management are thanks to:

  • Ultra efficient HID bulb
  • Independent HID and LED operation
  • Domeless LEDs
  • Wider surface area and aluminium housing
  • Precision-engineered heatsink
  • Integrated internal components

Made to Fit

Your Vehicle

Weighing in at only 2.3 kg (including mount), HTX2 packs a lot into a featherweight package – with a mounting point close to the unit’s centre of gravity. It’s simple to install, fully secured with a nyloc nut and bolt and able to fit most bullbars.

Reversible mounting

Allows HTX2 to fit anywhere – without another bracket or more drill holes.

Slimmer Profile

Means HTX2 is less likely to interfere with crash avoidance systems.

Glass filled polymer bracket

Absorbs vibration – unlike steel brackets – to prevent damage during use.

No radio


Lightforce’s Osram ballast and shielded cabling system prevent electromagnetic noise that can come from powerful lights. It’s CE certified to not disturb radio and telecommunications equipment.

Starting from $799ea

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Now with a Modular

Filter system!

Change the driving light pattern to suit your environment or add accessories that maximise the value from your high performance lighting setup.