HTX2 Clear Combo Filter

HTX2 Clear Combo Filter



Brand Lightforce


Lightforce’s unique Modular Filter System has been applied to the new HTX2. The HTX2 Clear Combo Filter protects the new moulded HTX2 lens and the bezel from road debris and impacts, and delivers a much broader beam pattern out to 700 metres. The total yield is a beam length of 1 LUX at 1,102 metres and a beam width of 1 LUX at 108 metres.

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HTX2 Clear Combo Filter Comparison

Like other Lightforce Driving Lights, the HTX2 has a range of modular filters to give you the flexibility to change the driving light pattern to suit the environment.

A Clear Spot Filter is included with the purchase of an HTX2 and Combo Filters and Black Covers are sold separately.

Product Specification
Beam Pattern Combo
Colour Clear
Diameter 230mm
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