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The all new Beast driving lights

Conquer the night with confidence with the all new BEAST Driving Light. Engineered for maximum performance and reliability, the BEAST is the ultimate companion for off-road enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. Featuring a robust construction and advanced 3 mode operation, this driving light delivers exceptional brightness and coverage, ensuring clear visibility in even the most challenging driving conditions.

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Australian owned and operated

At Lightforce Australia, we pride ourselves on being Australian owned and operated. We are honored to bear the Australia Made certification on our core product range (look for the Australian Made logo), signifying our unwavering commitment to supporting local industries and providing our customers with products that reflect the resilience and durability of our great land.


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There's no name more synonymous with performance vehicle lighting than Lightforce. Sleek. Tough. Powerful. Lightforce driving lights turn heads when they light the way. Our mission has always been to create the world's best auxiliary lighting, made for Australian adventures. Our promise is to never compromise to achieve perfection.

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VIPER LED Light Bars

Your ride is destined for greatness with our new Viper Light Bars. Choose from single, dual and amber options to suit the journey. With more output than ever before, this is a premium experience, even against foggy and dewy conditions for trucks, utes, 4X4s, SUVs and more.

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Lightforce News
Lux vs Lumens – Top 3 things you need to know when comparing aftermarket driving lights

Lux vs Lumens – Top 3 things you need to know when comparing aftermarket driving lights

Fitting driving lights are one of the best modifications you can make to your vehicle. Better visibility improves safety by giving you more time to react, as well as by reducing fatigue.
What’s the difference: Hybrid vs halogen vs HID vs LED driving lights

What’s the difference: Hybrid vs halogen vs HID vs LED driving lights

It’s important to get the right set of spotties for your 4x4 to keep you safe on the road and offroad. That’s why we’ve lined up the different driving light technologies on the market to find out which one is best. 
Ultimate guide to fox hunting in Australia

Ultimate guide to fox hunting in Australia

Foxes are a major problem for Aussie farmers and for our biodiversity in general. Not only do foxes threaten the livestock of our primary producers, they also hunt and kill native wildlife. They’ve even contributed to the extinction of a number of species.